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From the moment we wake up many of us go about our day taking certain daily abilities for granted. We commute to work, pick the kids up at school, or stop by the grocery store without a second thought. For those who either have a physical disability, or care for someone who has a disability, even the most routine tasks can be daunting, needing advanced coordination and planning.

Helping to alleviate some of those stresses, Soderholm Bus & Mobility specializes in personal mobility transportation and adaptive driving equipment for the disabled community in Hawaii. From state-of-the-art wheelchair accessible vehicles, to customizable equipment for the vehicle you already own, Soderholm Bus & Mobility seeks to provide freedom and independence for those who need it most.

Call Denise or Norman to schedule an Appointment at our dealership on Dillingham Blvd. You can also schedule a private demonstration at your residence of our array of products and technologies designed to improve the lifestyles of the disabled community in Hawaii.